Well, it’s been awhile!

Last time I posted any photo-related content on my website was sometimes in December 2014. Personal issues, professional commitments, etc. The vagaries of life steered me away from photography, and from paying any attention to this website.

Well, I have started shooting again, even experimenting with different formats, different cameras, different films. The itch to capture pictures is back; it is time for me to give this website a refresher.

My previous website was more like a blog that I was using like most people use Instagram. This one will be more like a portfolio, where I only display what I consider to be my best photos. For the daily pictures, the trials and errors, I will just do like everyone else and post on my Instagram, my Twitter, or my Facebook page. Or even this blog, if I don’t forget about it again!

That’s it for today. Let’s start this thing again, and see what happens.